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Born in Brest, Haude Bernabé lives and works in Paris. Beyond the fact her works are part of many private collections in France and abroad, including the Cérès Franco contemporary art collection in Montolieu, what strikes through her works as a sculptor is its strength, almost as a “force majeur” of creation.

Made of raw metal, cut, welded, tortured, as mixed, Haude Bernabé’s sculptures have this prominent presence of primal scream, scream behind which the mathematical composure is never far. Rushing into labeling that universe of her primitive art would be damageable to her highly personal approach without concession to trends or fashion. A universe in which the intuitive intelligence and the constructivist mindset mingle closely.

Haude Bernabé’s work rises way beyond the divisions and categories in a current artistic landscape where cosmetic outweighs the power of the Ideas.

Haude Bernabé’s work reminds us that beyond fads and "concept artists”, sculpture,  Art is a matter of conviction, vision and emotion, which is to be sometimes as beautiful as a spring day, sometimes tortured, powerful as a storm over the sea and that these different states compose the meaning of it.


“Haude au metal” by Kossi Aguessy, April 3 2014



This web site presents a selection of artworks from 2013 until now.


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